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Youth Art Force brings young artists together to attract attention to issues in our world, help those in need, cultivate compassions and community support through the arts. This concert is dedicated to helping animals who suffered as a result of California's wildfires.
Sponsored by Rudolf Steiner School 15 East 79th St., New York

Young musicians of New York
Woolesey Fire benefit

The Woolsey Fire
The Camp Fire, now California's deadliest and most destructive wildfire ever recorded, is 70 percent contained, after raging for 12 days. Wrapped up in the disaster from the beginning, along with the human residents of Paradise and the neighboring area, have been the animal residents—the pets, working animals, livestock, and wildlife that have also become victims, evacuees, rescuers, and comforters.
We are organizing a drive that will benefit Saki & Sundance Woolsey Fire Recovery Fund. Please come and enjoy a wonderful concert by incredible young musicians at the music hall of Rudolf Steiner School on 15 East 78th Street, New York at 7 pm on Junuary 5th, 2019. Please come, support, participate, and if you can not come donate directly.
300 fire trucks

More than 17 helicopters and 3,920 fire personnel continued to battle the blaze
100,000 acres

the Camp Fire destroyed
10,000 homes

were burned down by the fire
83 deaths

The fire has killed more people then the previously 3 worst wildfires combined
Last year we organized the drive that benefited Thomas Fire Recovery Animal Rescue Fund by Ventura Count Humane Society. People enjoyed the wonderful concert by incredible young musicians at the chapel of the Church of St. Paul and St. Andrew on December 23rd, 2017. The children donated all the fundsraises to the Thomas Fire Recovery Fund to help horses, which suffered in fire in California.
If you like to support us by performing, sponsoring or volunteering, write to us:
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Here is some additional information about the concert, but if you still have some left, ask us by the e-mail:
Where do the funds go?
100% of all collected funds go to the animal shelter in Ojai, California
Who can participate?
Anyone under 25 as a performer and absolutely anyone can volunteer and help in any capacity they can
Can I bring young children to the concert?
Yes, of course, but we try to ensure quiet environment in the room to minimize distraction.
Will you conduct more concerts?
We would love to. Please share your ideas.
How can I help?
Please help in any way you can. We need space donations, volunteer time, corporate donations are highly appreciated as well.
Music for Cause: Woolsey Fire Benefit

Frederic Chopin - Valse in A flat major, Op. 69, No. 1, Ingrid Berg, Piano

Never Grow Up by Tailor Swift, Nikita Lev Emery singer and songwriter

Czerny Etudes - Sasha Grossman, Piano

Felix Mendelssohn - Songs Without Words, Sasha Grossman, piano

Edward Grieg - Sonata no 3 (Mvmts 1 and 3) Sebastian Berg, Violin, Akiko Chiba, Piano

John Williams - Theme from Shindler's List, July Baty, Violin, Akiko Chiba
Our goal is to bring young musicians with the very purpose of music: kindness and humanity. Music that helps is music that heals. All your support is greatly appreciated.
Where is the concert taking place?
Rudolf Steiner School 15 East 79th St., New York, Junuary 5 at 7 pm
Contact us for any question by e-mail or social networks
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